Partnering With a Logistics Provider? When Is The Right Time

When Is The Right Time To Partner With a Logistics Provider?

Partnering with a logistics provider is a fantastic idea for most businesses (not all require it). However, knowing WHEN to partner with a shipping provider is a pivotal point for a business that’s trying to figure out how the complexities of transporting goods work. It’s super important to get the right timings of knowing when to engage with a shipping partner to make sure you’re enhancing the overall efficiency of your business’s operations.

Here, we will discuss some factors that might signal it’s time for you to take that leap and outsource your shipments to a logistics partner. We’ll also touch on some benefits that come with a great partnership πŸ˜„. We do have a ton more blog posts live that you can read to see exactly how shipping partners can be advantageous to a business and if you’ve already made your mind up and know that you do want to engage with a logistics provider, then we even have a post all about “How to choose a transportation provider“. Because we know there are hundreds of shipping businesses out there, but it’s all about knowing who will slot in with your business the best and that is the tricky part, a lot will depend on what sort of partnership your business requires.

But first let’s get into WHEN to seek a partnership…

When To Consider a Partnership With a Logistics Provider

Increasing Volume of Shipments

Partnering with a logistics provider? More shipments is fantastic and what everyone wants right? Well only when a business can handle these surges in demand, can it truly be successful. One significant challenge that can become increasingly difficult with this increase, is managing your logistics in-house.

Because when your volume of shipments becomes too much to handle and surpasses your company’s capacity, it can start to tarnish your reputation when deliveries are delayed, or the overall customer experience is sacrificed due to not physically being able to meet demand. This is the first signal that maybe it’s time to branch out and seek help from an expert shipping partner.

We’d recommend seeking help before it becomes overbearing, to ensure no customers are left disappointed with the service they receive and therefore, not negatively impacting your businesses name.

Specialized Handling Requirements

When shipping large, bulky, heavy, valuable, or what you think might be “impossible” cargo, partnering with a specialized shipping company will make every shipment a breeze. With a wealth of skills, knowledge and specialized equipment at their fingertips, all of your specialized shipping needs can be met, no matter how tough they might get with a tailored solution offered by specialized shippers.

Perhaps this is your second sign that you should partner with a shipping company if these challenges sound all too familiar, so you can streamline operations and make difficult shipments a reality without wanting to pull your hair out!

Complex Logistics Management

Are you drowning in optimizing route planning, coordinating various carriers or struggling to choosing the best and most efficient mode of transportation for your loads? All of these day-to-day tasks that come with managing logistics in house can quickly become overwhelming. So, again if any of this rings true to you or your team, maybe this is your next sign to partner with a shipping provider. All of your toughest consignments could be organized and done for you with the highest efficiency and care. A shipping partner brings all of the expertise needed to successfully pull off the hardest of shipments.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Are you finding all of the transportation regulations and compliance standards tough to get your head around? Or are you struggling to minimize risks associated with shipping errors and delays? If so, the number one solution to these issues could be…. you guessed it! Partnering with a shipping provider 😊 Once again, with their knowledge, expertise and experience navigating these requirements and reducing risks it comes like second nature to a good logistics partner, so they can ensure much smoother operations for each and every one of your shipments.

Time Sensitive Shipments

Do you find yourself time and time again having critical, time sensitive shipments that you’re struggling to meet the tight deadlines for? These sorts of shipments can be extremely tricky to organize and pull off. If you found yourself nodding along to that previous sentence then maybe it’s time to start looking for a shipping partner. Sometimes you just need the expertise of a logistics provider who can accommodate these types of freight. Your best bet would be to outsource this work to an expert in emergency, expedited and rescue shipments (like us πŸ˜‰). You wouldn’t have to worry again that your shipment won’t make it on time, because we will get your freight where it needs to be, when it needs to be!

Scale & Growth

Have you started to think about planning for growth in the new year? One things for certain and we’ve touched on it in the *increasing volume of shipments* section is that with growth comes demand.

Freight shipping providers offer flexibility with varying shipment volumes, so if you have any down periods during growth (which is completely normal, it’s not always a straight forward positive trajectory) they’ll simply meet the needs you have at that time. On the contrary when the going is good and your demand suddenly peaks (fantastic!) you can fall back onto the experts and they will be able to accommodate such fluctuations without compromising quality and service. *Which might not be so true when dealing with peaks and troughs in house, because with in house there can be constraints*

*This is broadly speaking, you might have the worlds best in house logistics team. However, when demand is so high even the best might need a helping hand 😌


To conclude the right time for a business to seek partnership with a logistics expert will be entirely different for all different businesses. There’s no one time period to fit all. However, similar if not the same sort of trigger signs will become visible, as we’ve spoken about previously in this blog.

Essentially, the determining factor should be when you recognize the tipping point of your in house logistics team no longer being able to handle the day-to-day requirements and they in fact start to face constraints and inefficiencies. Just from reading this blog you might have read some parts that resonated with you, and this article could in fact be your sign to seek that extra help.

Making a well-timed decision to engage with a logistics provider can be super important to a business to ensure you’re not tarnishing your brand by trying to do it all yourself and perhaps falling short. But having this partnership could greatly improve navigating the complexities of logistics with confidence and will ensure an optimized shipping experience for yourselves and your customers.

So, be sure to make the most of resources that are available like shipping partners to elevate your operations along with bringing a whole other plethora of benefits, including: cost savings, enhanced efficiency, specialized handling, adherence to compliances. In fact, we’ve written another super helpful blog “How A Good Logistics Company Can Optimize Your Supply Chain” why not give it a read and see how much of a difference a shipping partnership can really make.

How Can PEI Help?

If you think it’s time to branch out, weigh up options and you’re considering partnering with an expert logistics provider, then PEI are here to have that conversation with. You could have a no strings attached, friendly chat with one of us and find out more of what we have to offer, or just get some great advise. Either way, we’d love to hear from you, because we are here for you!

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