If you’re a 3PL company and can’t handle
something in-house, we’re your hero.

Give us any expedited, special, or rescue shipment.
We’ll make your customers smile.

Third party logistics providers: Here’s what you get when PEI picks up the slack

  • Final mile deliveries
  • Rescue shipments
  • Expedited shipments and special equipment
  • Strip & Sort containers
  • Billing accuracy
  • Daily airport transfers & TSA-certified drivers
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Customer protection and zero back-soliciting
  • Compliance with your accounting procedures
  • 24/7/365 live customer service

These 3PL companies are glad they found PEI

“It is not very often I praise our partners as I naturally expect them to be top notch. Having said that PEI went above and beyond last night to get me out of a bind in Hawaii. Without them I most likely would of lost a huge customer last night.”

– Airfreight Manager, C.H. Robinson

Keep impressing customers with on-time, damage-free shipments.

Full Truckload (FTL)

  • Daily airport transfers
  • 53’ van trailers: single and team
  • Flat beds
  • Special equipment & handling
  • Lift gate trailers, pads, blankets, straps & bars


  • Ground cargo vans, Sprinters & straight trucks
  • Next day
  • 2nd day ground service
  • Next flight out


  • Date & time-specific pickup and delivery
  • AOG/aircraft parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Distributions and reverse logistics
  • Installations
  • Military shipments

Custom requirements? We’ve got you.

Tough shipping requirements and tight delivery timetables are no obstacle. At PEI, our greatest strength is the ability to fulfill requirements for any kind of shipment.

From huge and bulky truckloads to small and critical partials, we can handle anything.

And yes, we’ll get it there on time. Track your shipment in real time or call us 24/7/365 for any updates or questions. You’ll speak to a human being who actually knows your business.

Airports? Yes, that too

We’re in and out of airports every day. With daily airport transfers and TSA-certified drivers, we’re the carrier 3PL providers trust with everything ground freight-related. 2nd day, next day, same day… We help logistics companies wow their customers by delivering impossible shipments with impossible consistency.

Partner with a carrier who turns you into everyone’s favorite 3PL provider.

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