Got an unusual shipment? Our specialized shipping service has you covered.

Move any type of freight, anywhere, with any custom requirements applied.

Get a reliable carrier for your complex, never-been-done-before shipments.

  • Any and all custom shipping demands
  • Date-specific, time-specific, person-specific
  • 24/7/365 phone support from a real person
  • Expedited and dedicated service available
  • Real-time tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Any size, shape, or volume of freight

Why customers trust PEI with their ultra-custom shipments

“In the fine art gallery business, it is essential that our shipments are handled with care, and that our clients are taken care of. We have worked with, and trusted PEI with these valuable shipments for close to 10 years. PEI is pretty much our exclusive shipping source.”

– Pryor Fine Art

What counts as a “specialized” shipment, anyway?

If it’s special to you, it’s special to PEI! Most specialized shipments fall under one or more of these categories:
  • Oversized loads with special permitting
  • LTL, partial truckloads, and other small shipments
  • Special equipment that’s large and bulky
  • High-value/one-of-a-kind/prototypes
  • Conestoga truck deliveries
  • Multiple delivery destinations
  • Complicated delivery schedules
  • Port services
  • Transloading of flatracks including out-of-gauge and container loads

If it’s special to you, it’s special to PEI.

If you think your shipment is impossible…

PEI makes it possible.

From enormous pieces of utility infrastructure to smaller loads that don’t fall within standard shipping categories, we can handle it.

We also meet stringent requests, including time, date, and person-specific deliveries. Got a tight delivery schedule with custom requirements? We’ll create a way to get it there.

Our fleet. Our rules.

We’re a carrier. When you ship on our trucks, you get absolute control over every aspect of your shipment.

Call us 24/7/365 with any question you have! You can also track any shipment in real time with driver GPS.

Ready to feel good about every critical shipment?

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