Oversatisfy customers with fast, reliable, flexible automotive parts shipping

Ship any brakes, wheels, drums, rotors, and sheet metal. Milk runs and reverse logistics? Check and check.

Emergency shipments don’t have to cause a crisis at your office.

  • Shipping for Tier 3 suppliers
  • Full truckload milk runs
  • Emergency and expedited shipping
  • Date and time-specific deliveries
  • Real-time tracking with driver GPS
  • 24/7/365 customer support with a live person

Here’s what parts manufacturers say about shipping with PEI

“PEI is incredibly flexible with last minute changes in addition to communicating with our suppliers and managing all “milk-run” order quantities. Knowing PEI’s team is managing our shipments allows us to focus on the job at hand and that is manufacturing parts for our customers.”

– Director of Manufacturing, TF Metals

Why ship automotive parts with PEI?

Milk Runs

Move large amounts of freight to different locations on the same truck.

Reverse Logistics

Ship any freight back to its point of origin.

Custom Orders

Get custom planning for any shipment, no matter how unusual or complex.

Automotive shipping is different. We get that.

More so than other industries, auto parts manufacturers shipping to assembly plants need to deliver parts to multiple locations on the same truck.

We’ve designed our automotive shipping service to meet these unique needs, so your orders arrive where they need to be, when they need to get there.

Custom order? Emergency shipment? You’re covered.

At PEI, we thrive on difficult and unusual shipping challenges.

If you’ve got a parts shipment that falls outside the norm, we can help. Our team will create a custom solution that fulfills every shipping requirement you have.

Start feeling confident about your auto parts shipments.

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