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Specialized Shipments: 4 Ways PEI Helps Your Business Thrive

Specialized shipments can be tricky to fulfil for most ‘normal’ transportation companies. Meaning, you NEED a logistics partner that can deliver above and beyond with tailored solutions. This is where we at Premier Expediters Inc. (PEI) really stand out from the crowd. Not only can we deliver your critical specialized shipments, but we actually specialize in expedited and non-standard specialized freight! We conjure up tailored solutions, unique to each customer’s needs so that your business can thrive 😊.

Here are the 4 mantras we all live by at PEI to stand out from the rest but also to empower our customers’ businesses:

1. Reliability When You Need It The Most

Delays in deliveries and pushing back deadlines can cripple a business and damage customer relationships. At PEI, we thrive under immense pressure and specialize in time-sensitive expedited shipments that need the utmost precision.

On-Time Deliveries

We understand the importance and urgency of your critical shipments. Our expert team works around the clock to ensure your freight arrives exactly when it needs to, without any hiccups ⏰.

Rapid Response

We keep your supply chain moving, using our large network of resources and experienced expeditors. We’re always kept on our toes and respond to any unexpected challenges. In fact, we know this is our secret sauce to keeping customers, here’s what our co-owners have to say about how rapid response is one of the key defining factors of PEI:

Proof Is In The Pudding

We’ve got a proven track record in delivering critical shipments across multiple different industries, including aerospace, defense, manufacturing and healthcare. You can read our testimonials to see our history, because our customers trust us with their important and often complex shipments.

2. Expertize In Non-Standard Shipments

Not all cargo types can fit into standard categories and we know this and maybe we’re suckers for punishment, but we love to handle non-standard freight that require that little bit of extra TLC when shipping. Over the years of our business, we’ve become quite the experts in shipping specialized freight, including:

Heavy Haul & Oversized

We have all of the expertize and access to equipment and resources to expertly transport your oversized and heavy haul shipments with precision, whether they’re machinery, delicate parts or other heavy equipment. Just know that we’ve got your back in any of these cases πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ.

Trade Shows & Events

We’ve been around the block enough times to understand the importance of a timely delivery of trade show displays, exhibits, and other promotional materials and stands. At PEI we make sure that your event presence is seamless.

Customized Projects

No project is too big for our teams at PEI. We LOVE a challenge and like we mentioned earlier, not all shipments can be categorized. So, for all of those outside of the box shipments, we come up with outside of the box solutions. We work closely with you to design a custom solution and one that will match all of your specific requirements and then blow your socks off when we pull it off 😊.

3. A Full Menu of Services

We offer a full menu of services, meaning that we can operate a one-stop-shop and accommodate your diverse shipping needs.

Expedited Ground Shipping

Whether utilizing our fleet or outsourcing to one of our rigorously vetted network of trusted and reliable carriers, we can ensure rapid ground transportation for all of your time-sensitive shipments πŸ’¨.

Emergency EUV Shipping

We don’t need you to have a rigid shipping time to work our magic. Our teams of experts always figure out ways to fulfil your unique emergency shipping requirements, even when you think they’re impossible. The key to our emergency shipments really is proactive communication. In the case of an emergency you can call us 24/7/365 on Phone: 888-SHIP-911 and speak with an expert 🚨.

Full Truckload (FTL)

When you utilize our full truckload solutions even though we’re the ones driving your cargo, it’s really you that’s in the driver’s seat. We say this because, we adjust to your process and requirements and you’ll always have real time tracking data available on all truckload shipments 🚚.

Specialized Shipping

If you’ve got an unusual shipment, our specialized shipping solution is for you. From enormous utility infrastructure pieces to smaller loads that maybe don’t fit into a standard shipping category, we can handle them all. We also don’t let tight time frames scare us off, we can meet any time, date and person specific requirement you may have 🚜.

White Glove Shipping

This is perfect for high-value and delicate items. If your shipment is special to you, it’s extra special to us and this is where the white glove touch comes in with meticulous handling, the use of specialized equipment and dedicated personnel to the movement of your goods 🧀.

4. Communication & Proactive Teams

Transparency and great communication are key throughout the entirety of a shipping process. There won’t be one minute go by that you’re kept in the dark, so you can have peace of mind and confidence in each and every shipment with us.

Real Time Tracking

Our tracking systems allow you to view real time updates of your shipments location, progress and status πŸ–².

Dedicated Account Manager

We appoint a dedicated expert account manager to each account. Meaning you’ll have a single point of contact should you require any assistance throughout your shipping process πŸ‘©.

24/7 Availability

Our teams are contactable around the clock to ensure they can be incredibly proactive, respond to your needs and provide immediate assistance when needed πŸ“ž.


At PEI we measure our success on our customers satisfaction. We’re committed to exceeding expectations and building long-lasting relationships. So if you’re a business that has time-sensitive, over-sized, heavy haul or “impossible” specialized shipments just know that Premier Expedited Inc (PEI) are a partner that you can trust.

We can’t wait to hear from you, even if it’s just a friendly casual chat about possibilites get in touch to find out more about how we can make your shipping nightmares a dream ☁️.


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